Within a changing world like the one of the transport one was born the 16 of December of 1989 the BALTRANS cooperative, fruit of the strong impulse of transporters of Balaguer with restlessness.


During all these years many events have taken place, a symptom of the relocation of this sector and the search for an identity of its own. Little by little we have been convinced that as a cooperative and / or as a company we have to have the ideas of the business world: the strong corporate identification by its members and the commitment to our Clients of giving the highest quality in the provision of our services. And, finally, to make it compatible with the commitment and social development that must be carried out as a social economy company.


Despite keeping in mind the constant regulatory and technological changes that affect us, enthusiasm pushes us to grow, looking for all the possible formulas.


Something moves to BALTRANS that projects us forward not to lose the train that was launched.


Picking up the testimony of the first partners we have proposed not to stay behind.


Fully aware of the importance of our work for the development of the economic and social fabric and with the firm will to grow with our Clients; We will work day by day to improve all aspects