BALTRANS, Catalan Cooperative Society Limited is contituir Balaguer (La Noguera region) on 16 December 1989. We are a cooperative of services freight transport carreterera, which was registered in the Register of Cooperatives of Lleida.

Ten years later, in 1999, we received the first prize for the best Cooperative Services Catalonia in 1998.

The great success of the founding members of our cooperative was giving him, from the beginning, a strong international character. This has caused the filter to attract new members is thicker because it has the required qualification of international freight transport by road. But today, all our partners and collaborators the carriers own and operate more than 80% of our trade with France.

They were required many hours of the most skeptical awareness, by those who believed the project to achieve the current situation. In addition we have 40 trucks working full time trailers. All cereal with semi-trailers tilt aluminum Community license and quality control "Qualimat Transport France", a facility owned jets with fuel, lubricant and ad-blue, washed and oiled truck and a portfolio of more than 300 Clients (between national and French) of which we are proud seventh.

Our geographical sphere of action is the northeast of Spain and southern France.

Some days we get transported from France to Spain about a million kgs. cereal (wheat, sunflower and maize mainly).

The fact that the average age of our fleet did not exceed three years and take no more, with clients, those commitments that we know we can realize our trucks; made us distinguish ourselves over the years to a high degree of efficiency. Do not rely on hypothetical third parties who carry travel.